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Mobile Apps Development: Connecting users when they are on the move!

With the emergence of multi-touch smartphones and tablets, the shift to access internet from desktops and laptops to handheld devices has increased tremendously. This shift has changed the way content is being consumed by users. With the world now at their fingertips, they can easily access any information anytime, anywhere!

Moving beyond using mobile devices for accessing social networking platforms, these are also being actively used to find information about various products and services. With the remarkable increase in mobile users accessing web from their smartphones, it has become essential for website owners to create a mobile version for their business websites as well as to create business applications to cater varied requirements of the users. Hence, organizations have started to actively mobilize their businesses by exploring the mobile web space for greater reach and enhancing sales opportunities.

If you are unsure whether your investment in mobile development will be lucrative or not then you must take a look at the benefits mentioned below:

  • m - Maximize your reach
  • o - One-time investment
  • b - Browser compatibility with all platforms
  • i - Information dissemination platform
  • l - Long-term returns on one-time investment
  • e - Easily accessible by smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone, Android etc

Are you on the look-out for mobile developers who will provide you a mobile version for your business or mobile applications development solutions? you can get in touch with DevelopmentIndia’s mobile app developers.

DevelopmentIndia is a mobile app development company in India that provides mobile website development and business application development for mobile phones. We will create a mobile website to help you stay connected with your prospective customers and will also allow them to have access to information in real-time by using different mobile applications.

Creating Mobile Applications with a Difference!

Whether there is a need to develop a mobile app from scratch or customize a web-based application to a mobile platform, our mobile app developers will initiate a project by doing in-depth analysis of your unique requirements. The entire focus will be to develop unique, innovative and intuitive mobile applications for creating a communication channel between businesses and customers at cost-effective prices.

Some of the mobile app development solutions are social networking apps, interactive games, efficient travel applications and other utility tools. Our extensive experience in mobile application development enables you to provide user-friendly experience for variety of handheld devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and Android-based devices.

Making your Website Compatible for Mobile Phones

At DevelopmentIndia, we understand the fact that incompatibility of format due to small screen size of mobile devices is considered to be one of the major usability issues that divert the attention of prospective customers from your website when they are accessing it on mobile. Hence, our focus is not to recommend a specific application for mobile operating system but to develop a mobile website that is accessible on all the mobile operating systems like Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian OS, iPhone, Android and palm.

We believe in developing top-notch mobile website for your business to enable your users reach you through smartphones when they are on the go. When a mobile user will access your website, it will be automatically detected and redirected to your mobile optimized website to ensure high user experience.

Whether you want to invest in a mobile website or mobile application development, DevelopmentIndia can be your trusted technology partner to create a strong connection with the sale prospects.

Dedicated Mobile Development Team

Are you on the look-out for someone who can work solely for your B2B to B2E mobile development projects? DevelopmentIndia helps you by providing a dedicated mobile web app development team who will enable your business to be accessible through mobile website or mobile applications.

Consult with our mobile app developers to know how we can help you reach your prospective customers with just a click of a button from handheld devices.

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