PHP is a server side scripting language generating dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP is an open source language that includes the availability of large number of libraries and extensions for download; thereby making it cost & time effective.

At Development India, our team of experienced PHP developers provides customized solutions that include dynamic websites, e-commerce applications, and intranet applications for the clients. The dedicated programmers offer timely updates and assistance for your business to grow faster. We take pride in designing & developing solutions as per specifications and requirements provided by clients across different industries & verticals.


PHP application development offers the following benefits and advantages over other server side scripting languages:

  • Major open source packages are written in PHP thereby enabling easy customization and development
  • Reduce load time and improves browsing experience as processing happens on the server
  • Includes a host of in-built features that simplify programming of common tasks
  • The flexibility in PHP language help customize suit as per client’s requirement
  • PHP is compatible with various operating systems and web servers such as Windows, Linux, OpenBSD, Mac OSX, Apache, IIS, iPlanet etc
  • PHP is available under the open source license thereby making it a cost effective option
  • We implement MVC design pattern using object oriented architecture and powerful template engine like SMARTY for decoupling of presentation (viewer) and data (model) layers.
  • Code reuse is the key to an efficient and timely, not to mention sane, application development process. Using PEAR classes extensively, our developers deploy and enhance basic functions that are already written and focus on writing new functionality and flow, which in turn reduces development time, make code more organized and scalable.

All such features projects PHP as highly desirable scripting language that encourage our team to develop new and unique cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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You can hire our PHP programmers - full-time or part-time.

We have over a decade of experience in working with every PHP technologies and frameworks. Our team of PHP Programmers has done exhaustive work in PHP with AJAX and the complete LAMP bouquet

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